Top 50+ Homemade Pregnancy Tests – DIY Pregnancy Test List

According to, homemade pregnancy tests are making a comeback again. These traditional methods were used by women in the old world, they were known as the natural pregnancy test or ‘do it yourself – homemade pregnancy test.’

These tests were initially discovered by Greek and Egyptian Philosophers. They discovered this natural method so that women can determine the status of their pregnancy easily sitting at home.

In 1968, Margaret Crane discovered hCG strips. The accuracy and reliability of hCG strips made homemade pregnancy tests a little outdated. But these tests are making a comeback now, there is a number of tests available that women can take in the early stages of pregnancy to know the result.

Homemade Pregnancy Tests

Homemade Pregnancy Tests

We will talk about the Best Homemade Pregnancy Tests that women can try to get the result. A homemade pregnancy test comes in handy in case you need to test the pregnancy at unusual times. A homemade pregnancy test can be used by anyone as the need for it can happen to anyone.

In most countries around the world, it is still seen as taboo if a woman visits the pharmacy to buy a contraceptive or pregnancy test kit, especially if she is single. In such cases and many other odd situations, a woman can easily use a homemade pregnancy test to determine if she is pregnant or not.

Although, it is advisable to visit doctors or take a blood test after a homer made test.  These test would at least make sure to calm down your initial anxiety. It will give you time to think and plan your next step.

When to Take Homemade Pregnancy Test 

A homemade pregnancy test can be taken whenever you feel the need for it. When you start feeling early sign you can take these test to make sure about the status of your pregnancy.

Early signs of Pregnancy:

  • Delayed or missed mensuration cycle.
  • Seeing spotting of feeling painful abdomen cramps
  • Nausea and frequent headache
  • Early morning sickness
  • Frequent or heavy periods
  • Feeling bloated, heavy, or constipated
  • Swelling of the abdomen or vaginal area
  • The increased urge of peeing
  • Feeling lethargic
  • Tender breast
  • Feeling irritated all the time

If you are feeling a couple of these signs or have had unprotected sex and your period is getting delayed. It is advisable to take this test at your earliest convenience.

Why Take Homemade Pregnancy Test – Reasons  

  • There might be a number of reasons why you can feel the need to take any of the homemade pregnancy tests.
  • Here are some reasons why women feel the need of taking these tests:
  • A most pregnancy test is taken in the initial stages when you can’t be sure if you are actually pregnant.
  • In the early stages, you might want to be sure about the pregnancy before sharing the news with anyone else. In such a situation, a homemade pregnancy test can come handy.
  • In a situation where as a single woman you were not planning any unwanted pregnancy. In such cases stepping out to buy a pregnancy test kit might not be a feasible option. A homemade pregnancy test can help you take care of such situations.
  • In case you are too busy to visit a pharmacy or test lab but want the result to make sure what the situation is. A homemade pregnancy test can give you quick results to help you out of such a situation.
  • In case you can’t afford a pregnancy test of any type. Different types of homemade pregnancy test can help you determine the situation without much hassle.
  • In case it is very urgent and you can’t wait for a test result or don’t want to waste any time. Any homemade pregnancy test can help you through.

Can You Rely On Homemade Pregnancy Test?

The accuracy of the homemade pregnancy test is a bit questionable. Women who have tried and have received the results are happy with it. Other categories who were not able to derive anything out of it see them as useless.

It all depends on the accuracy and right time of taking the test. These tests are most accurate when done in the early stages of pregnancy.

Best Homemade Pregnancy Test- Mostly used by Women for Results

We have listed down 30 different test which can be handy in any situation. Most of these ingredients are easily available at home, for some you might have to rush to supper market or you can order them online.

You can try multiple result tests with the same sample to get a more accurate result.

  1. Bleach Pregnancy Test

It is one of the most common cleansers available in any household. Its reaction with the hCG level in your urine indicates the negative and positive results of your pregnancy.

  • You need – Plastic cup, a sample of the morning urine, and ½ cup of bleach
  • Time– Gives you results in 1-2 minutes
  • Caution– Avoid inhaling Bleach as it can be dangerous

  1. Sugar Pregnancy Test

It is the most common ingredient in any kitchen. This inexpensive method determines the hCG level in your urine to produce an accurate result.

  • You need- Granulated, sugar, 2 plastic cup, and a morning urine sample
  • Time– Gives you results in 5-10 minutes
  • Caution– Don’t use powdered sugar, it will not show any result

  1. Toothpaste Pregnancy Test

Toothpaste being one of the common necessities is present in every house. This test is a good indicator of determining pregnancy status. It indicates the result by changing color.

  • You need – A blob of white plain Toothpaste, a urine sample, 2 plastic cups
  • Time– Gives you results in 1-2 minutes
  • Caution- Result is best derived with plain white toothpaste, colored toothpaste might not give any reaction.

  1. Vinegar Pregnancy Test

A vinegar pregnancy test is one of the most reliable tests. This diluted acid accurately detects the level of hCG in the urine and regulates the result by showing a change in different colors.

  • You need – 2 plastic cups, distilled vinegar, and a morning urine sample.
  • Time– Gives result in 3-5 minutes.
  • Caution– Don’t pour vinegar very rapidly into the urine it might spoil the test.

  1. Pine-Sol Pregnancy Test

Pine sol is an antibacterial agent manufactured by different parts of pine trees like- twigs, needles, cones, etc.  It is one of the most popular methods used by women to check the result.  It indicates pregnancy status by changing the color of the mixture.

  • You need- 2 plastic cups, pine sol, and a morning urine sample
  • Time – Gives result in 3-5 minutes
  • Caution– Check the color of pine sol before the test also, so that you can read the result accurately later.

  1. Dandelion Pregnancy Test

Dandelion pregnancy test works with the leaves of Dandelion. Dandelion can be found in the home garden. Leaves of this tree when coming in contact with the urine it indicated the pregnancy status through color change.

  • You need- Sterilized Dandelion leaves, 2 plastic cups, Morning urine sample.
  • Time– Produces result in 3-5 minutes.
  • Caution– Do not leave the mixture, keep an eye on it. Make sure you have properly cleaned the leaves before using

  1. Mustard Pregnancy Test

Mustard has lost of medicinal quality it is used for curing several small diseases. One of the qualities of the mustard powder is to control the menstrual cycle. Due to it warm quality, it is used for regulation of the period. This test takes more time than another test.

  • You need Mustard Powder and a Bathtub with lukewarm water
  • Time- Produces result in a day’s time or overnight
  • Caution- don’t use mustard seed. Wait for at least 12 hours to get an accurate result. The result is based if you get your period after doing the test or not

  1. Urine Homemade Pregnancy Test

Instead of mixing or using any other ingredient, only urine can also indicate the pregnancy status. It can only be used in the early stages of pregnancy, its composition changes after you conceive a baby.

  • You need – Early morning urine sample
  • Time– Produced result in 10 minutes
  • Caution– Only use the early morning sample, give it sufficient time to see the change

  1. Shampoo Pregnancy Test

The detergents in the shampoo react with the increased level of hCG to show the test result. It detects the result through the change of color.

  • You need- Small amount of any available shampoo, a morning urine sample, and a plastic container.
  • Time– It gives results in at least 7- 9 minutes
  • Caution-There is no particular caution for this test, just make sure the container you are using for the test is clean.

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide and Tylenol Pregnancy Test

These chemicals detect the results by changing the color. Hydrogen Peroxide and Tylenol can be found in any bathroom cabinet in nit then they are easily available at any local pharmacy.

  • You need- Hydrogen peroxide liquid, Tylenol tablets, a morning urine sample, and a plastic cup.
  • Time- Gives result in 3-5 minutes
  • Caution- Give sufficient time for tablets to dissolve before pouring urine on them. Do not come in direct contact with peroxide, and wear gloves while conducting a test.

  1. Dettol Pregnancy Test

Dettol is available in every household and is used for minor cuts and scratches. This antiseptic disinfectant can also be used to detect pregnancy.

  • You need – Small amount of Dettol liquid, a morning urine sample, and a small plastic cup.
  • Time– It will take at least 5 minutes before showing any change.
  • Caution- Make sure to use the instructed amount of Dettol to get an accurate result.

  1. Soap Water Homemade Pregnancy Test

Soap, one of the easiest things can you can use for pregnancy test gives you the result of a certain reaction. It creates frothing or bubbles when coming in contact with your urine.

  • You need- Small piece of soap, a plastic cup, and morning urine
  • Time– Gives you results in 2-5 minutes
  • Caution- Small piece of soap is sufficient. Don’t spoil the whole bar for the test. You can use any kind of soap for the experiment.

  1. Baking Soda Pregnancy Test

Sodium bicarbonate commonly known as baking soda is easily available in any household. It is also used to determine the gender of your baby in the later stages of pregnancy.

  • You need – Small amount of baking soda, a morning urine sample, and a small plastic cup.
  • Time- Give your mixture atleast3-4 minutes to show any reaction.
  • Caution– No cautions as such just make sure you use the precise amount of baking soda and observe the reaction carefully.

  1. Wine Pregnancy Test

Wine, an alcoholic composition can help you detect the accurate result of your pregnancy. It is one of the ancient homemade pregnancy test that was used in old days. It is one of the most reliable tests where wine reacts with the proteins in the urine to show the result.

  • You need– Small amount of wine, a morning sample, and a small plastic cup.
  • Time- It gives you results in 5 minutes
  • Caution– No caution as such, you can use any type of wine for the test. Both red and white wine shows equally reliable results.

  1. Tuna Juice and Vinegar Pregnancy Test

We have earlier described the vinegar test for pregnancy.  If you want more accurate results you can use tuna juice with vinegar for the test. Tuna juice if not available at home can be bought from any supermarket easily. This test shows the result of changing into a different color.

  • You need– Equal quantity of both tuna juice and vinegar, a morning urine sample, and a plastic cup.
  • Time – Takes up to 3-5 to show the result.
  • Caution– Make sure to take an equal amount of both tuna juice and vinegar. Don’t use tuna juice that is too old.

  1. Latch Pregnancy Test

This method is little time taking and needs proper observation and patience. You can perform this test in any basin or bathtub with a latch on the drainage which can hold your urine.

  • You need –A basin or bathtub with proper enough, morning time urine
  • Time – 5-10 minutes
  • Caution – Make sure the latch is tight enough to hold your urine for some time.

  1. Wheat and Barley Homemade Pregnancy Test

Wheat and barley homemade pregnancy test is one the ancient test which was used by women in 15th century France. This test has been mentioned in the Distaff Gospel, A collection of popular beliefs of late medieval century women in France.

  • You need – A bowl, wheat and barley grains, Morning urine sample.
  • Time– It gives results in 2-3 days
  • Caution– No caution is required, just make sure to keep the bowl in a safe place when you are waiting for the test result.

  1. Red Cabbage Pregnancy Test

The red Cabbage pregnancy test is also used for determining the gender of the baby. Doing this test gives a dual result. Firstly, it will show you if you are pregnant or not, secondly, in case you are pregnant, it will detect the gender of your baby as well.

  • You need – Gas stove, a pan, chopped red cabbage, water, a plastic cup, and a morning urine sample.
  • Time- shows the result in 5-8 minutes
  • Caution– Read the instruction carefully and follow them.

  1. Chlorine Homemade Pregnancy Test

Chlorine is used in both liquid and powder form for various purposes. It is used for cleaning, it is also used for sanitizing the water in the swimming pool. The chemical in the chlorine can be used for detecting pregnancy.

  • You need- Powder or liquid chlorine, a morning urine sample, and a small plastic cup.
  • Time– Give your the result in 2-3 minutes.
  • Caution – Use the instructed amount of chlorine, too much chlorine will spoil the mixture.

  1. Salt Pregnancy Test

The most common and must ingredient in any kitchen is helpful in detecting the rising hCG level in your urine. It is the purest form of the chemical when it is crystalline. It is one of the most reliable methods for detecting the thing.

  • You need– Salt crystal, a morning urine sample, and a plastic cup.
  • Time– Wait for at least 3-4 minutes to get the result
  • Caution– Use pure salt, preferably use a branded salt and not any local salt or salt cubes.

  1. Boiling Urine Pregnancy Test

This test is one of the old and handy tests to check the pregnancy. Although it could create a little mess sop it is better to do it carefully.

  • You need– Gas stove, a morning urine sample, and an old pan
  • Time– Takes up to 5-8 minutes for the result
  • Caution– Make sure the urine boils properly and be careful while handling a hot pan.

  1. Dishwasher Homemade Pregnancy Test

The chemical agent in the dishwasher can detect the increased level of hCG in the urine easily. You can any type of dishwasher to conduct the test.

  • You need– A plastic container, dishwasher solution, water, and morning urine sample.
  • Time– 3-5 minutes wait will give you the exact result/.
  • Caution– Use any dishwasher which is available, don’t take too much of the dishwasher.

  1. Onion Pregnancy Test

Taking this test can be a little over the edge. Women of today’s era might not even consider glint through this experiment for determining the pregnancy. This method was used in ancient Greek and Egypt that too by doctors to see if the women are pregnant or not. Even if you don’t want to try it information about it is no harm.

  • You need– Fresh onion
  • Time – At least 12 hours overnight.
  • Caution– Make sure to read the instruction carefully, if possible talk to an expert about it.

  1. Home Pregnancy Kit Test

A commercial pregnancy test kit can be bought from any pharmacy. This test kit gives you an accurate result. This test kit gives might not give you exact results in the initial stage, that 1-2 weeks of pregnancy. If repeated after 4-5 weeks they will provide you with a more accurate result.

  • You need – A Branded commercial pregnancy kit, and a morning urine sample.
  • Time– Take about 1-2 minutes to show the result.
  • Caution– Always use two or three different kits at the same time to detect the result.

We believe that all of the above test’s accuracy depends on how properly you conduct these tests and how you interpreted each result.

What Can Makes These Test Accurate?

  • The right time of conducting the test is a major factor. Most homemade pregnancy test gives accurate result when done first urine sample in the early morning.
  • Add the right amount of ingredients to the urine sample.
  • Conducting the test in a clean
  • Reading the signs correctly.
  • Leaving the mixture for the appropriate time for seeing the reactions.
  • Changes in color or any other reaction should be observed carefully
  • Handling the test carefully, as these are quite sensitive tests.
  • Collect enough quantity of urine so that you can repeat the test if required.
  • Do not shake the mixture keep it stable in one place.
  • Use a clean plastic cup or small container and spatula to add and mix the ingredients.

Different types of homemade test required different types of ingredients, instructions, and time limits. Make sure that you follow every step smoothly and carefully.

Pro and Cons of Homemade Pregnancy Tests


  • All of these tests are free of cost. Almost all the ingredients mentioned above are easily available at home.
  • You are the only person who knows about it and you can keep it a secret before deciding on the next step.
  • It can easily be done in the comfort of your home.
  • DIY (do it yourself) pregnancy test is easy to conduct and can be repeated if required.
  • It gives you the benefit of the doubt before deciding to go to a doctor or not.
  • If you believe in natural methods. All these homemade pregnancy tests are good for you.


  • Any of these tests are not as accurate as a lab test or kit test used for detecting pregnancy
  • It will not detect any other condition. In case your pregnancy is not normal.
  • If you live in a household full of people and want to do the test, it might be a not good idea in case you want to keep it a secret.

Next Step after Taking a Homemade Pregnancy Tests

  1. Once you are done with the test, repeat the same test to be surer about the result.
  2. If the result of two days is the same, it is advisable to see the doctor if required.
  3. You can even try another test to check the accuracy.
  4. A more reliable result can be achieved by using the commercial pregnancy test kit after the homemade pregnancy test.
  5. If the result is positive you must visit a doctor for further examination.
  6. If you are facing other problems or the same symptoms even after the result is negative go for a medical examination or a Beta hCG blood test.

Few Pointer for Homemade Pregnancy Tests

  • Use a transparent container to see the result more accurately
  • Be more observant to notice even the slight change in the mixture.
  • Always have an adequate amount of urine sample to conduct the test and also in case you want to repeat it.
  • You can try multiple tests at one time if you have collected an adequate amount of urine.
  • Keep your container on the white base while observing the result. You can use a white paper sheet or white cloth.
  • Read the instruction carefully and be more attentive while looking for changes.
  • In the case where frothing any fizziness decides the result. Repeat it twice to see the accuracy
  • A morning urine sample is a must, a urine sample after it is of no use. Wait for at least 10 minutes before finalizing the result.
  • Make sure you visit a doctor without any delay after you are done with the test.
  • If you have decided to take any homemade pregnancy test, don’t delay it, it might affect your health. 

Common Myths Related to Homemade Pregnancy Tests

Below are some common myths related to the homemade pregnancy test. Read about this myth buster to get more knowledge about the homemade pregnancy test.

A Homemade Determines Baby’s Gender

  • All of the homemade tests only work on the principle of detecting the increased hCG in your urine.
  • None of these homemade pregnancy tests will detect the gender of your
  • No homemade test can detect the hormone in urine to tell you the exact gender.

Homemade Tests will Always Show Positive results

  • Not necessarily, all the test which shows the result by changing color will give you the right
  • Another test that detects the result of other reactions might be a false alarm.

Homemade Pregnancy Tests are Always Accurate

  • This is a myth, none of the homemade pregnancy test or even the test conducted through a commercial kit can give you 100% accuracy.
  • Only lab tests and doctors can give you 100% accuracy.

Homemade Test Can Be Used to Know the Health of your Baby or Pregnancy

  • None of the homemade pregnancy tests can do this for you.
  • Only a doctor and medical examination can tell you about the health of your baby your health.

Homemade Pregnancy Test is Cheap

  • No matter which test you conduct know the status of your pregnancy.
  • You will always have to visit the doctor to get an accurate result.
  • This ends up doubling the cost of the test you conduct.


A is here to help you through this time when you want to check your pregnancy status. All of these tests are the method of calming down your worry or anxiety. They can be used in urgency but never ever take them as a final verdict of your health.

Visiting a doctor will help you follow the right step in the right direction once you know your final result. There are many experts to help you on this topic.

We understand that it is not always married women testing a pregnancy but even if your result is positive and it is an unwanted pregnancy don’t be afraid to talk or visit a gynecologist.

Talk to an elder whom you can trust, look for a good gynecologist in your area and visit them. Don’t just rely on the Internet for all kinds of information. Articles on the net can suggest ways to try and experiment but you are the only one responsible for your health.

All of the above-mentioned tests have been tried and tested by women around the world and they have different things to say about them.

You can share your experience and question in the comment section below so that it can benefit others as well.

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